Today was another day of demolition. Lots of hard work, for sure. We managed to get all of the drywall removed, from the walls and the ceiling, as well as removing some bits of old wall tile and plaster and lath from the old tub area. Dirty dusty messy heavy work.

We also started removing the cement “mud job” from the floor. It’s basically 4+ inches of concrete poured on top of the subfloor. Dirty dusty messy heavy work. On the plus side, it’s coming out easier than I expected. Though we did discover a metal rod embedded in the cement with an as yet unknown purpose.

I rented a very large pipe cutter to work on removing the cast iron stack. It’s bulky and heavy, but it was actually a lot easier to use than I expected. I thought I was done with it, since I could only get it around the pipe in one spot, so I returned it. In the end, we weren’t able to actually remove any of the stack, but we did get it leaned out far enough to get the pipe cutter back in. Three minutes after the rental place closed. D’oh! At least they’re open tomorrow…

Removing the last of the drywall also exposed all of the unused space in the knee wall underneath the window. I’ve been planning to make some built-ins for this space once the main project is done, so I’m really happy to see just how much space there is to work with.

Tomorrow promises to bring more fun and excitement, removing the rest of the cast iron, and breaking up the rest of the mud job. Dirty dusty messy heavy work!