Bah. It’s only been two weekdays with no work, and I’m already completely hating it. This summer will suck unless I find something else fun to occupy my time.

Anyway… I thought of a few more amusing things that happened to me that I’m not too sure I ever commented about on here.

  • A while back, I was driving my bus to my first stop in the morning (so it was still quite dark out) when I heard a loud whack as something hit the windshield. A few seconds later, I noticed something rolling around on the hood of the bus, towards the air vents. I looked at it a little closer… someone had apparently thrown a chocolate egg at the bus. And not just a plain chocolate egg, either… this one was wrapped up in some Santa Claus-themed foil. I would love to know what motivated someone to launch such a projectile at my bus, but alas… I will never know.
  • On the very last day of school, a very odd thing happened to me. I had already dropped off my last student, and was on my way back to the lot. I turned down a short street that I drive down at least twice a day to loop back around, since the entrance is on a one-way street. At least half of the buses at the lot go down this street every day. I got about 200 feet down, and felt my bus slow down slightly, heard a bit of a noise, then a loud SNAP as a utility line went flying across the street. Evidently, the cable company had run a new line, and didn’t bother to check to see how low it was compared to the road. So as I drove under, my roof vent snagged on it and ripped it down. Oops.