I don’t know how or why, but all of my kids but one rode the bus this morning. And the one who didn’t ride is one of the kids who normally rides. Very odd indeed. It was nice not to have to wait for most of them, but it also sucks because it means that I will have to take all of them home this afternoon. Looks like I won’t be getting home early today.

One the way back to the lot after my second route, I evidently cut a little too close in front of the semi, because it seems I managed to piss off the driver. I was in the right lane on the highway, merging over to pass a very slow-moving dumptruck with a giant roll of carpet sticking out the back. After I merged back, the semi that had been behind me in the center lane came up alongside me and honked his horn. I glanced over for a second, and the driver was looking directly at me shaking two fingers at me. Now this might have had some impact, were it not for how completely stupid the guy was being. (a) He was looking directly to his right at me, instead of at the road in front of him. (b) There was a cigarette held in between the two fingers he was shaking at me. (c) I was driving right at the speed limit, so I know he had to have been speeding to have caught up with me. Now, given how stupid and careless he was being to chastise me for that, am I really supposed to think he is a better driver than me or something? Cuz those are some pretty stupid things to be doing all at once.

I felt slightly vindicated a few miles further on, too. I heard a call from one of the other drivers come over the radio letting us know that the right lane on the highway was at a standstill ahead, so I moved over into the center lane about half a mile early so I didn’t have to merge too quickly. When I got up to the stopped traffic, guess who was sitting there, at a total standstill? Yep! My trucker “friend.” Muahahaha. I sailed right past the little bugger at 45 and then merged back into the right lane.