I did my first real “alone” run this morning, although I did have a monitor on the route with me, so I guess it only kind of counts. The route only had a total of 5 or 6 stops, one kid each, but they were all over the place. Only two kids actually rode the bus this morning, so it was plenty easy. The kids were allegedly “bad” kids who misbehave or are violent and whatnot - the school they are going to is basically their last chance before they get kicked out of city schools altogether. The two who rode were quiet as can be. One sat right behind me and helped me with the directions, the other went further back on the bus and just laid down. No complaints from me with that.

We ended up going around in a giant circle at one point, because the monitor told me to turn the wrong direction down one of the streets downtown, but it was pretty easy to recover from that. Outside of that, the route was super easy and uneventful. When we finally got to the school, the aide/monitor/whatever that meets them at the bus (they all get searched and passed over with a metal detector when they get off the bus) took the two kids I had to drop off, then looked up at me and said, “Only two this morning? Bless you, sir. Bless you!” and made the little “cross my heart” motion with his hand.

Evidently, I’ll be driving the same route this afternoon, so I’m hoping that I only have the same small number of children to deal with. I also have to remember to show up early so I can refuel the bus if the fuel truck doesn’t run, which it won’t, knowing my luck. More smelly diesel on my hands. Blech.