It was another morning with the same kids today. It’s quite nice to get used to driving kids when they’re well-behaved. This way, I can focus on not being nervous while driving, and not have to worry about discipline until I get some evil kids (which hopefully, I won’t).

All of the driving this morning was very uneventful. I remembered a good portion of the route and stops, and the driver was actually paying attention, too, so she could help me out when I didn’t know. We did, however, get to see a deer running off into the woods when we pulled into one of the schools. It was maybe 5 feet away from me before it started running off. I’m glad it didn’t decide to run in front of the bus. I like deer too much to want to hit one, and it would make me feel even worse with a bunch of kids on board to see it.

On the way back to the lot, the other driver opened up the window beside her seat, and said “I’m sorry.” I figured she was opening it because it was so hot on the bus (the driver’s heater wouldn’t turn off and I was roasting), so I said “It’s okay… I’m quite toasty, too.” She then said “No, it’s not that… I farted and I didn’t want you to have to smell it.” Gee, thanks for sharing. We then went into a lengthy discussion about the very very nasty and ripe wonder that some 6-year-old girl had let go on the bus on Friday. How such a smell came out of such a small person, I simply cannot understand.

I got complimented again on my driving, too, which made me happy. There’s the possibility that I might have to take one of the supervisors with me this afternoon instead of the regular driver, because she has an appointment and might not be back on time. Right now, I think I’m prepared either way. I know most of the route already, so I should be comfortable driving it, so we’ll just have to see.