I got to go out on a really fun (and long) run today with a really fun driver. Only 3 of her 7 kids on the first route rode today, and they were all the good kids… none of the troublemakers rode at all. We were having tons of fun just joking around with each other. Then we went out for the second route. These kids go to a college prep academy, and were the best behaved group that I have ever seen on a school bus. No one even talked above a whisper, no bouncing around, shouting, nothing.

On the way back to the garage, the driver asked me if I had any experience parking the buses yet, since she wanted to run in as soon as she could to take some medications that she forget this morning. I told her that I did a fair bit of practice parking in training, so she called in to one of the supervisors to check to see if it was okay. The supervisor told her that I was only a monitor, so I wasn’t allowed to. I told her that I was a driver, and showed her my CDL to prove it. Nice to see they are organized enough to forget my position after 3 days.

The driver I rode with this morning also warned me to not let anyone know that I am single and have no kids. Evidently, if word about that gets out, they’ll be all over me like flies. Not that I really care, since none of them stand a chance.

This morning’s driver also fed me for free! I got to have a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese biscuit and a hash brown from McD’s. Yummy yum yum! In addition to that, we had an in-service after the AM routes, and at the end of that, they fed us lunch for free, so I got to have a nice hamburger. And I was surprised to see that they even offered a veggie burger option. I’m kind of wishing I had one of those instead, since McD’s this morning plus a greasy burger probably isn’t going to be too kind to my waistline.