This afternoon was awesome! I got to ride with the coolest driver so far, and she has awesome kids on her routes! As an added perk, the routes last almost 5 hours, so I will get paid a good chunk of change for them. And I get to go out and actually drive those routes on Monday, and possibly Friday of next week. Out of all the kids on both routes, there were only two that ever cause problems, and they were being well-behaved.

The driver was just so much fun. She and I spent a lot of time talking about food and cooking, and all sorts of other things. The kids were making fun of the bus we had (and so were we, really). It was a spare bus, and was just flat-out nasty on the inside. It can’t have been cleaned recently. There was trash everywhere with no trash can. The hood from someone’s jacket was under the seat. One little girl thought it was someone’s jacket, and tried to tell them about it, but I just turned to her and said, “No… that came with the bus. You might not want to touch it too much.” I even managed to find a chunk of asphalt rolling around on the floor. Filthy bus.

On Monday, we’ll be on a new bus… one with a working sound system. I don’t wanna have to wait through the weekend… I wish I could just wake up and drive tomorrow. I’m so ready for it right now. And that makes me happy, because it is such a change from my attitude over the past few days.