I FINALLY got to drive the bus today! I have missed it SO much. I totally amazed myself, too, by managing to successfully complete every single part of the maneuverability tests that we practiced today. These were right-hand turn, backward serpentine, alley dock, and parallel parking. All of them with a 38-foot school bus. Go me!

I have to admit, though, that the other girl who is training with me did a much better job on her run through. Oddly enough, though, once she got out on the street, she seemed to forget everything that she had done on the course. The driver had to keep reminding her that she couldn’t take turns like she was in a car. And I don’t think she checked her mirrors once.

I don’t think the instructor had to remind me about anything while we were out on the road, which was truly amazing to me, since I tend to forget little things until it becomes habit. Yay for me.

Tomorrow, I get to go in at 7 AM to do some practice runs along actual routes, although without the children (thank God). I don’t think I’m ready for 50 screaming kids just yet.