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…and it sounds so new

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Slowdive’s Pygmalion certainly isn’t their most accessible album (not that I claim to know what that would be), but for those willing to brave the wall of sound, it can be quite rewarding. It’s easy to get lost in the acoustics and be lifted to another world. It’s as if Pygmalion is what you would hear if you could simplify each of the band’s members down to their musical essence.

“Blue Skied An’ Clear”, in particular, is an amazing track. It was actually my first introduction to the album, years before I ever heard any of the others. While at times it becomes a pure cacophony, it retains a euphonious purity throughout. The mix is nothing but perfect; you can get lost in the whole, or pick out each tiny little piece from the puzzle with ease. It’s so easy to get lost, in fact, that you can forget that Neil Halstead is actually singing. And if you take the time to really listen, the cacophony turns to deliberate bliss. Every listen to this track is different, revealing something new, and every listen is equally incredible.

House of Wax

Saturday, May 7th, 2005

I had the distinct misfortune today of paying actual money to see House of Wax. I was prepared to say that it holds the distinction of behing the worst movie I have ever seen, but luckily, it did redeem itself in the end. I got to see Paris Hilton’s head impaled on a spike, and quite frankly, I would have paid about triple the $7 ticket price for that pleasure.
I also wish to note that when purchasing my ticket for this film, I was actually carded. I have never been carded before for an R-rated film, and I’m not entirely sure why the clerk felt the need to. It’s not like it was even good enough to warrant it.

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