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Dining in style

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Earlier this year, I volunteered to host Christmas festivities for my immediate family, which meant that we’d have eight to ten people over for dinner. The dining table was still the same one I had purchased on clearance years ago for my 1-bedroom house. It had served me well over the years, but it could only comfortably seat four, with six as the absolute maximum. Plus, with a rather large dining room (around 12′ x 15′), it was underwhelmed by the scale of the room.

For  a while now, I’ve been trying to find a dining table that I like enough to buy or build, but haven’t had much luck. Around the time that Christmas plans were being made, I stumbled across this Festool promotional video with a basic design that I really liked (the completed table is just after 2 minutes in). With the basics of the design settled, I used a giant piece of cardboard to help figure out the size for the tabletop. Then it was off to SketchUp to draw up plans and figure out just how much lumber I would need. A quick call to my favorite hardwood dealer, and I had a nice pile of walnut boards a few days later.

Dining table Dining table


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