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Honing in

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I’m pleased to report that the second of my shop projects is nearing completion. I use water stones for sharpening my chisels and plane blades, and it’s something that I haven’t really enjoyed. Since the stones require a good source of water, both for lubrication and cleaning, I always wound up doing my sharpening in or near the kitchen. That, of course, meant having to clear up enough counter space to work efficiently, be careful about how much of a mess I made, and then put everything back when I was done. It was enough of a hassle that I had been putting off sharpening my chisels and planes, despite them being frustratingly dull.

That is all in the past, as I have put together a dedicated sharpening station. My inspiration for this came from William Ng’s setup, which I saw in this video from The Wood Whisperer: Scraper Sharpening w/ William Ng. I liked the idea of a having a basin to keep the stones wet, and using a stone holder directly over the basin to make flushing the stones easier. From what I understand, his is built over a standard restaurant bus bin, with an aquarium pump driving the faucet.

William Ng Sharpening Station


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