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A room with a bath

Monday, June 28th, 2010

With all of the insulation in place, Friday marked the start of the drywall installation. We rented a drywall jack for $25 and set to putting the ceiling in place. Since the we lowered the ceiling height in the shower area by 6 inches (to 8 feet even), we decided to start there, since it’s just one piece. Getting it cut to size was easy enough, and with the clever trick of rubbing chalk on the bottom of the light fixture, we raised the sheet into place and got a nice outline of where to cut for the fixture. The next piece, in the main ceiling area, had four (4) holes to cut, and it was much trickier to get them all right. We still have to enlarge the hole we cut for the exhaust fan, but at least it’s not completely lost behind drywall.


Onward and upward

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Alright, so I’m a bit behind on the updates. Unfortunately, between having to head back to work during the days, and having to take a slight detour, things have been moving a bit slow. We had to spend the better part of two weeks working on re-wiring all of the lighting on the second floor, since it was all knob-and-tube, and the lines passed through the bathroom wall and ceiling. Since it’s not a good idea to put insulation anywhere near knob-and-tube (not that it stopped a previous owner), we decided to go ahead and re-wire while we had the easy attic access. Now that it’s done, back to the main project…

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