I got to drive buses for almost three hours today! And it was so much fun. First, I got to drive from the training place over to the depot that I will be driving from once I start working for real. That involved taking the school bus out on the highway, which was “fun”. The instructor showed us around there a bit, then we picked another bus to take out on our practice route, so that we can get used to different types of equipment. We ended up on some rickety 10-year-old bus with a very non-adjustable, uncomfortable seat. My back still hurts from it. But driving it was kind of nice, since it had hydraulic brakes instead of air brakes, so I didn't have to remember to start breaking about half a second before I want the bus to actually begin to slow down.

Tomorrow is more training at 7 AM, then we're off on Monday. And I found out that my CDL skills test has been scheduled for April 1st, so that's still another two weeks off. I just hope the examiner doesn't feel the need to take advantage of testing me on April Fool's day.

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